Can I add or embed my Moxie schedule to my personal website?

 Information on embedding your class schedule to your website.

Using Moxie's Add to my site tool, you can simply embed your existing schedule into your own website. Simply click on the Add to my site tab, and follow the steps.

How does this work?

It’s pretty simple! Click on the Copy Code button, and then simply paste it into your website builder, as custom code (HTML). Depending on your website builder, there might be several ways to do it. Please follow the instructions for Squarespace (only works on business or commerce plans), Wix, and WordPress.

Why does Squarespace show Script Disabled?
Make sure to click done & save the changes you made to the page, and exit the website editor to see the embedded schedule.

What if I update my schedule?

No worries! Any changes made to your schedule will automatically reflect on your website.

What if I update the fonts & colors?

Click Publish to save the changes, and it will also automatically apply to your website. No need to copy the code again.

What happens when clients click on the Reserve button?

A new tab is opened with your class details page on Moxie. From there, your clients can reserve the class either by logging into their accounts, or by creating a new one while making the reservation.

How do new clients get the $15 welcome offer?

Whenever your clients click on the “First Timers get $15 Free” or “Reserve” they will automatically receive credits when creating their accounts. This only applies for new Moxie accounts.

Can I embed my subscriptions and packages?

Not at the moment, but our team is working on adding this functionality soon.

Can I embed my On-Demand classes?

Not at the moment, but our team is working on adding this functionality soon.

Can I remove the Moxie branding?
No, you cannot remove the branding.

Can I remove or customize the amount dedicated to the "First Timers"?
No, at the moment you cannot change the amount. The First Timer credits are coming from Moxie - once your clients create their accounts, they will receive the $15 credits which they can spend on your classes! You will get paid for the class as usual.