Can I host an In-Person or hybrid class?

 How to host In-Person or hybrid (both In-Person and Livestream) classes. 

Yes! Moxie allows you to host live In-Person, Livestream, or hybrid classes (In-Person and Livestream!)

To host an In-Person class, select 'In-Person' when creating the class. To host a hybrid class, simply create an identical 'Livestream' class at the same time as the 'In-Person' class option. That will give your attendees the ability to choose if they would like to attend your class In-Person or through the Livestream.

Livestream attendees will enter the online studio when the class starts. (Warm up room opens 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.)

In-Person attendees are checked in by you from the class details page when they arrive to your elected location for class.

To check your attendees in, simply click on the circle at the top of the attendees photo on the class details page.

  • In-Person class check-in is enabled 15 minutes before the scheduled class start time.

  • You can check your attendees in at any point afterwards.

  • You can uncheck the client (if checked-in by mistake) up until the scheduled class end time.

Checking in attendees is important as it allows you to have a complete and accurate class roster and class minutes, and only checked-in attendees will be able to rate your class, which increases your overall instructor rating on the platform. Additionally, it will allow both you and your attendees to track their class history and celebrate milestones.

Questions about In-Person or hybrid class creation or check-ins? Please reach out to