Can I offer Class Packages?

How to create and offer class packages to your students. 


  1. Class Packages Overview

  2. Class Package Set up

  3. FAQs


On Moxie you can create class packages and customize the number of passes, the price (including free), and the expiration date of each package.

Moving your clients towards longer term packages and subscriptions has the dual benefit of providing you with greater revenue predictability while encouraging higher attendance and loyalty.

We recommend creating several packages with increasing discount levels, in tandem with your subscriptions. For example, if your classes are $10 each you might want to sell them as follows:

  • 1 class for $10 (drop-in price)

  • 5 classes for $45 (10% discount)

  • 10 classes for $80 (20% discount)

  • $90/monthly subscription (30% discount if you assume the typical client takes 12 classes per month)

Note: Clients can use their class packages to reserve any eligible paid class, or to unlock any single On-Demand class.

Create a Class Package

To start, click on the “Add” button in the Memberships tab, and select Package on the next page under “Select a membership type”.

When creating a class package you will set:

  • the package name 
  • a description of the package 
  • the payment type (paid or free)

For paid class packages you will then enter

  • The number of classes you want to include (1 to 100)

  • The expiration date (the number of days the package is active from the date of purchase)

  • The cost

  • and limit the number of times a client can purchase this particular package:

    • Unlimited - clients can purchase or top up this class package as many times as they want.

    • Specific # of times - you can limit how many times a client can purchase this particular class package. For example, if you are creating a discounted, promotional package, you can set it to 1 purchase per client, so once purchased, they cannot purchase it again or top it up.

When creating a free class package, you set the number of passes (1 to 5) and the expiration date.

By default, free packages are limited to 1 purchase per person, and to 1 active free package offering on your profile at a time.

Then you will choose the combination of class types you'd like to include in the package.You can choose to include all class generally by type or you can choose to just include specific classes by name or collection (for On-Demand classes.) Clients who purchase the package can use the passes on any of the class types you included. (Unless you choose to exclude the specific class from subscribers or package holders when creating the class.)

For instance, for an "all access" monthly subscription, we suggest including all classes and class types. For a more specific offering, say a 10-pack of private yoga sessions, you can choose to include just the relevant private classes. 


Other FAQs

How do my clients use their packages to reserve classes?

Once a package is purchased, your clients will have the option to use one of the passes in their package to reserve a class, or they can purchase the class as a drop-in if they wish to save their pass for another time. One pass is good for one live class

How do my clients use their packages to unlock On-Demand classes?

Once a package is purchased, your clients will be able to spend a pass to unlock any of your On-Demand classes from your library. One pass is good for one On-Demand class. Once unlocked, the On-Demand class can be watched multiple times by the purchaser, with no expiry. Unless you hide the class from public view.

Can I choose which of my classes are included in the package?

Yes. Class packages can be used for any live class you've included in subscriptions/packages or on On-Demand classes.

When do I receive payments for class packages?
Payments for class packages used to reserve classes are released 48 hours after the class completion. Payments for passes used to unlock On-Demand classes are released 48 hours after the class in unlocked.

What happens if I cancel my class package?

You have two options when canceling your class package:

  • Cancel Now - This will cancel the package immediately and your clients will get a refund in Moxie credits for any unused passes.

  • Cancel after the package ends - This will cancel the package after the expiration date. No refund is issued.