Can I offer Subscriptions?

How to create and offer monthly subscriptions to your students.


  1. Types of Subscriptions

  2. Subscription setup

  3. Hiding subscriptions

  4. Grandfathering existing clients at a lower rate

  5. Sharing subscriptions

  6. Excluding classes from subscriptions

  7. FAQs


Moxie enables you to offer various membership types, including subscriptions, class packages and challenges. For more on monthly, auto-renewing subscriptions continue reading! 

Types of Subscriptions

Moxie enables you to offer monthly subscriptions, with multiple types, tiers, and offers.

You can customize your monthly subscriptions to include a combination of:

  • Livestream classes

  • In-Person classes

  • On-Demand classes

You can create multiple tiers of subscriptions (for example, various price points for different combinations of offerings). However only one of each combination can be visible on your profile at a time.

Subscription Setup

To create subscriptions, you need to first set up your Payments if you haven’t already.

Then simply navigate to the Membership tab on your profile and click the Add Membership button. On the following page, under “plan type”, select Subscription.

Enter a name, short description and cost per month for your subscription.

Then you will create your desired monthly subscription combinations. You can choose to include all class generally by type or you can choose to just include specific classes by name or collection (for On-Demand classes.)

For instance, for an "all access" monthly subscription, we suggest including all classes and class types. For a more specific offering, say a 10-pack of private yoga sessions, you can choose to include just the relevant private classes. 

You can create any amount of subscription combinations. However only one of each combination can be visible on your profile at a time.

Hiding Subscriptions

Once you create the subscription you want, you can actively control who can see or purchase your subscriptions:

  • Visible - anyone who is visiting your public profile on Moxie.

  • Hidden - only people who have a direct URL link to that subscription. This allows you to create special promotional subscriptions to attract new clients.

What happens to my current subscribers if I hide a subscription?

Hiding (or un-hiding) a subscription does not affect your subscribers on that plan. They can still attend your classes, and their subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the month.

What happens to my current subscribers if I make my subscription not available for purchase?
Making your subscription available or not available for purchase does not affect your current subscribers on that plan. They can still attend your classes, and their subscriptions will be automatically renewed at the end of the month. No new clients can purchase the subscription if it is made not available for purchase.

How do I grandfather certain clients into a lower subscription price?

Use hidden subscriptions to lock one set of clients in at a lower price while showing a different price on your public profile. Simply hide the subscription you want to make available exclusively to a certain set of clients. Only people who receive a private link to the hidden subscription will be able to see or purchase that plan.

For example:

  1. Set your In-Person subscription to $100 USD.

  2. When you are ready, hide this subscription so it’s only available to people with the private link.

  3. Then, create a new In-Person subscription for $125 USD which is visible on your profile.

  4. Your old clients will continue paying $100, while new subscribers will be charged $125.

How can I share my subscription?

You can share your subscriptions by clicking on the arrow icon on the subscription card.

Excluding Classes from Subscriptions

In addition to selecting which classes are included in your subscriptions from the Add a Subscription form, when creating a class, you can also choose to include or exclude it from your subscriptions. 

From the Add a Class form, If you select Yes:

  • By default, these classes will be available to students on any of your memberships - meaning they can reserve the class using their subscriptions.

  • Students do not have to pay an additional drop-in fee

If you select No:

  • You can choose specific memberships to include the class in or

  • You can choose to fully exclude the class from all your memberships - meaning your students cannot reserve the class using their subscriptions

  • Students will pay an extra drop-in fee

  • This is a great option for classes like personal training sessions, special workshops or challenges that are held outside of subscriptions!

Other FAQs

Can I create a special subscription offer?

Yes. Simply create a new subscription and hide it from public view. Only people with the link will be able to purchase the subscription.


Can I have multiple monthly subscriptions active at the same time?

Yes, you can have multiple, active, monthly subscriptions with different class types/combos, you just can’t have more than one of the same combo visible on your profile at a time.


Can I offer class packs, such as 10 classes of a certain type for the price of 8?

Yes, read more about class packages here.


When are my subscribers charged?

The subscription period begins on the first of each month and renews at 3pm EST on the last day of the month.


What happens if I change the subscription price?

If you change the price of a subscription, your current subscribers will be notified about the change, which would be applied on the next billing cycle. Any new clients would pay the new price immediately after the change.

Price changes for a monthly subscription are applied on the billing cycle of the following month, if they are made within 3 days before the last day of the month.


What happens if I cancel the subscription?

You can choose to cancel the subscription immediately, or after it expires. If you choose to cancel a subscription immediately, all of your current subscribers will receive a partial refund in Moxie credits (depending on when you cancel), and their reserved seats will be canceled. Canceling a subscription does not affect your upcoming scheduled classes as the instructor.

If you choose to cancel the subscription once it expires - the subscription will be automatically cancelled on the last day of the month at midnight, and your clients will not be charged for renewal.


When are earnings from subscriptions released to my account?

Earnings from monthly subscriptions are released in two parts: a partial amount is paid on the 15th of the month at 12 pm EST, and the remainder on the last day of the month at 12 pm EST.