Can I offer Challenges on Moxie?

How to create and offer challenges on Moxie.


  1. Challenge Setup
  2. Auto-booking
  3. Other FAQs


With Challenges, coaches can create custom and specific programs on Moxie as an extension of their membership offerings to help clients stay motivated, committed to their goals, and connected with their workout buddies. 

Want to engage your students with a 4-week bootcamp or a 10-day stretch program? You can create these customized programs easier than ever with Challenges.

Challenge Setup

To create a challenge, you need to first set up your Payments if you haven’t already. 

Once Payments have been set up, navigate to the “Membership” tab on your Moxie profile and click Add

Under Membership type, select Challenge

Then you will need to enter your challenge details.

  • Name
    • When creating your challenge name, include searchable keywords that make it easy to find on the app and web and provide insight into the challenge. i.e. 10 Day Yoga Challenge
  • Description
    • Add a detailed description to each challenge that lets your members know what to expect, what equipment they'll need, or any special tips you have going into the challenge.
  • Cost
    • Set how much your challenge will cost. Challenges are a one-time payment for your members. 
  • Date or length of challenge
    • You can set your challenge to begin immediately after purchase or on a specific date.
    • In addition, you will choose whether the challenge ends on a specific date or after a certain amount of days

  • Goal 
    • How many workouts do your students need to complete within the challenge timeframe to be considered having completed the challenge?

  • Set which classes are included in your challenge
    • You can choose to include classes specifically by name or generally by class type (Livestream & In-Person) or by collection for On-Demand classes.


Auto-booking & more

As a bonus, when a student signs up for a Challenge on Moxie they will automatically be booked into all of the associated Livestream or In-person classes. It's a great way to ensure all your classes are filled early on.

Additionally, your challenge will be displayed for direct purchase on all individual class pages to help upsell your studio offerings and encourage drop-in students to purchase the challenge.


Other FAQs

Do my current subscribers and package holders have to pay to access my challenges?

For your existing students, if the challenge classes are included in their subscription or package they can enroll in that challenge at no extra charge.

If that is the case, you will be prompted accordingly before creating and publishing your challenge.

Can I create a challenge students can complete at any time?

Yes. For an individualized challenge set the start date to immediately after purchase and the end date to a certain amount of days. For example, a 10-day On-Demand yoga challenge that students can purchase and complete at any time. 

Can I create a “group challenge” that my students can participate in together?

Yes, for a group challenge, set the start and end to specific dates. For example, if you are hosting a January challenge, set the start date to the 1st of the month and the last day for the 31st.  This will require all students to complete the challenge within the same window of time.  

Can I hide a challenge from purchase?

Yes, once you create the challenge you want, you can actively control who can see or purchase the challenge:

  • Visible - anyone who is visiting your public profile on Moxie.
  • Hidden - only people who have a direct URL link to that challenge. This allows you to create special promotional challenges.

What happens if I hide a challenge?

Hiding (or un-hiding) a challenge does not affect your students on the challenge. They can still attend your classes, the challenge will just not be visible to the public under the Membership tab on your Moxie profile. 

What happens if I make my challenge not available for purchase?

Making your challenge available or not available for purchase does not affect your current students on the program. They can still attend your classes, however no new clients would be able purchase the challenge if it is made not available for purchase.

How can I share my challenge?

You can share your challenges by clicking on the arrow icon on the challenge card.

How many challenges can I offer?

You can create an unlimited amount of Challenges on the platform.

Can I create a discounted challenge offer?

Yes. Simply create a replica challenge at a lower cost and hide it from public view. Only people with the link will be able to purchase that challenge.

Please note: in terms of Reporting, this will display as two separate Challenges. But if made the same, student access and experience will be the same. 

What happens if I change the challenge price?

If you change the price of a challenge the new price will be effective for new buyers only. The already existing buyers will not be affected.

What happens if I cancel the challenge?

Instructors can choose to cancel the challenge at any time. If the challenge is canceled before the challenge has begun a full refund will be initiated. However, if the cancellation happens after the challenge has started, the refund will be pro-rated.


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