All Moxie classes are held on You will receive a couple of email reminders before a class starts with the direct link to the class details page. 15 minutes before the scheduled start time, the “Enter Studio” button will become active on the class page. Clicking on the button will take you to the Moxie Studio.

You can join Moxie classes in 2 ways:

  • Or by on your laptop/ PC on Google Chrome browser. No additional downloads required. You can also test the compatibility of your device here.

What is the cut off time to book a class?

You are able to book a class up to 10 minutes after the class start time.

Once you are booked, you are able to enter the class at any point. There is no cut off time.

Can I cancel a class booking if I can't make it?

You can always cancel your class booking up to 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the class. If you cancel a paid booking, you will automatically receive Moxie Credits. Moxie Credits can be used towards any booking with any instructor on Moxie.

Out of courtesy, if you must cancel please do so at least 12 hours before the start time.

How can I get in touch with my instructor?

You are able to send your instructor a message directly on Moxie. See our article on Messaging for more information.

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