There are 2 ways to sign up as an instructor on Moxie: (1) From the Become an Instructor page, or (2) from your Moxie attendee profile. You must agree to Moxie’s Terms of Service in order to become an Instructor and by doing so you agree to Moxie’s fees.

Instructor profiles are public. You can enter profile information (such as name, photo, bio) manually or you can quickly use your Instagram information. We recommend using Instagram as it will help other people find and follow you easily.

Once you have become an Instructor you can proceed to set up Payments, enabling you to schedule paid classes. This feature is available only for U.S. Instructors. We are working on enabling payments in more countries soon.

You can schedule Flex Pay classes and use Moxie without setting up Payments. However, you won't be able to collect payments.

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