Please see the error codes for Payment & Payouts below for more information, if you cannot see the issue you’re experiencing, please contact us at


Restricted means that your Moxie account has payouts or payments disabled. Additional information, such as a scan of your ID document, usually needs to be provided to enable your account.

Restricted soon

Restricted soon means that your account has a due date for providing additional information.


Pending means the account is being reviewed by our payment processor Stripe. This can occurs when:

  • Stripe is verifying the information that was provided, such as an ID document upload.

  • Stripe is performing a watchlist check against a list of prohibited individuals and businesses.

  • Stripe is reviewing the account for suspected fraudulent activity.


Enabled means that your account is in good standing, though additional information might be required if a payment volume threshold is reached.


Rejected means our payment processor Stripe rejected your account. In general, accounts are rejected if they’re suspected of fraudulent activity.

While we may not be able to impact Stripe’s account decisions, you can contact our team at with any Payments or Payout support questions and we’ll do our best to assist.

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