How do I edit class details?

There are 2 main ways to edit class details, if you want to change the class name, description, workout type, skill, intensity, and equipment requirements.

Please note: Changes done to the class details will be applied to all classes with the same name.

1. You can edit class details from the class details page, by clicking on the cogwheel button > Edit Class.

2. You can also edit class details by clicking on the “Add a Class” button, selecting the class from the dropdown list, and then clicking on Edit Class Details.

Once you make the changes to the class details, simply click save, and you can close the window. You do not need to add that class to your schedule.

Edit Class Date/Time

Editing the date/time of a Group Class can be done up to 20 minutes before the class start time.

If the class is a repeating class, editing the class date or time will only modify the single class you are editing.

All persons booked will automatically receive email updates each time you edit a class.

Edit Other Class Details

You can edit other class details such as the description of the class prior to the class start time.

All persons booked will automatically get email updates each time you edit a class.

Please note: Once attendees have booked a class, you cannot change the price of a class or change it from free to paid.

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