Moxie Studio is optimized for laptops & PCs and works best on the Google Chrome internet browser.

You can also attend Moxie Classes on certain tablets and mobile devices, which fit the requirements below. Please note, if your device does not fit these requirements you will not be able to enter the Moxie Studio.

Minimum Requirements for mobile devices (to attend a class):

  • Moxie Studios only work in landscape mode on tablets and mobile devices. Make sure you have enabled automatic screen rotation on your device.
  • The best mobile experience is on 16:9 or 16:10 screen ratio devices with bigger than 6.5” screens
  • For Android devices: Android version 9 and higher, Google Chrome browser
  • For iOS devices: iOS version 13 or higher, Safari browser only
  • For iOS phones, iPhone 7 & and above, iOS version 13 or higher, Safari browser only

You can also test your device here:

For Instructors

Choose the right device. With Moxie, no downloads are required to host or attend a class. We recommend connecting through Google Chrome on a high-powered laptop or PC.

You can also host a class on tablets and mobile devices that fit the requirements above. We recommend laptops or high powered tablets most as live streaming works best with powerful hardware.

Use a headset. As you move and sweat around your home studio, your students will want to hear every word you say without any echo or background noise. A wireless headset or microphone will get you the clearest sound. Apple AirPods, Amazon Echo Buds, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Beats, or similar models work well.

Optimize your camera. While your built-in computer camera may work just fine, we recommend investing in an external webcam for the crispest imaging—giving your students the sensation of being in the studio right along with you!

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