How to Get More Attendees in Your Moxie Online Fitness Classes

Moxie gives you all the tools you need to build your online instructor business in one place.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from new instructors is how they can increase attendance. We've put together a few tips to help you build your online presence and fitness community.

Create a Truly Inspiring Instructor Profile

First impressions go a long way to attracting students to your class. Start on the right foot by completing your instructor profile on Moxie. Your Moxie profile consists of two main parts:

Photo: A clear, high-resolution profile picture gives students a preview of who will teach the class. Don't be afraid to show your personality! Share a snapshot in your favorite yoga pose, an intense post-workout selfie, or simply show off your dazzling smile.

Biography: Use this section to showcase what makes you unique as an instructor. Tell your students about your experience, training, accreditation, and why you love teaching.

Pro tip: connect your Instagram account to your profile so that students can find and learn more about you.

Write an Enticing Class Description

We can't overstate the importance of great class descriptions. As students are browsing through new classes on Moxie, they'll want to know what to expect when taking your class. Be sure to include details such as what type of fitness class you offer (Tabata, Yin Yoga, etc.), the difficulty or intensity level (will they sweat, relax, or stretch?), prerequisites, and any equipment they may need. This is your chance to get the student excited about joining your class!

Be Consistent

The key to building up regular attendance is to create a regular schedule that students can count on. Help them reach their fitness goals by scheduling classes on the same day and time slot.

You can also build trust and loyalty by getting to know each student by name. Offer them encouragement and praise during the class, and celebrate their small successes.

As you get to know your students better, ask them to bring friends to the next class. Fitness is always better with a friend!

Oh, and keep your no-show cancellations to the absolute minimum. Nothing frustrates students more than kitting up for a class that gets canceled at the last minute.

Share With Your Network

Your family, friends, and past clients are your biggest supporters. Share the news of your new online studio with them. Depending on where you feel most comfortable, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and email are great platforms to spread your message.

Our top instructors on Moxie share their classes daily on social media. Just click the arrow next to your class name to share with your favorite network.

Need more ideas? Try out these tactics:

  • Post an Instagram story with your class details. Check out our Instagram for inspiration. We re-gram hundreds of posts tagged by Moxie instructors.

  • Join fitness groups on Facebook and share your classes with fellow members.

  • Tag your Instagram and Twitter posts with popular hashtags like #fitness or #fitnessgoals. You can also include themed or location-based hashtags, like #HIIT or #FloridaFit. This will help you reach new followers who share your passion.

  • Record your classes on Moxie and share video snippets on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to give students a taste of what you offer.

  • Create a weekly email newsletter to send to past clients, letting them know about your upcoming classes.

Here are some of our favorite Instagram stories from instructors:

Break Down Barriers

For some, finding the motivation to get to a fitness class can be tough. On top of it, many students still aren't used to the online class format. Help them break down any preconceptions or hesitations by giving them a sense of what to expect on Moxie. Some of the key features that students love are:

  • No downloads required.

  • Easy to sign up and start your first class.

  • Fun to connect with the instructor and other attendees in the warm-up and cool-down rooms.

  • Ability to choose if you'd like to be seen publicly, only by the instructor, or not at all.

Many new instructors also choose to offer free or donation-based classes to let students try out the virtual fitness experience before committing.

Give Your Best

Just like in the real world, students want to join classes with instructors they like. Let your personality shine through during your session and show that you care about helping them achieve their fitness goals by asking for feedback, special requests, or handing out virtual high-fives!

It's also crucial that your students can hear and see you clearly during class. Make sure that your technology is set up correctly before starting. For the best performance, we recommend using a high-powered laptop, wireless microphone and headphones, and an external HD webcam. You can create a test class to try out with friends or the Moxie Instructor Success team. You can also record your sessions and review them later to see what worked well and where you could improve.

The more comfortable you feel using the Moxie platform, the more confident attendees will feel in their new virtual gym.

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

As you are building your community, you may want to try out different classes, class times, or frequencies. Use the warm-up and cool-down rooms to gather feedback from your students on what they want to experience in your classes.

Go Premium

Moxie regularly advertises and promotes instructors who are on the Premium plan. If you’re interested, click on the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner to get started.

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