You never have to worry about messaging attendees manually. Our automated email system keeps attendees informed through a series of notifications.

Here is a list of emails that Moxie automatically sends to attendees:

Class Emails

Class Reservation Confirmation - Upon reserving a class, the attendee receives a confirmation email containing the class details, such as the time, date, and instructions for joining.

Warm-up Room Reminder - The attendee receives a reminder to join the class when the warm-up room opens 15 minutes before class start time.

Final Reminder - If the attendee has not joined the class when the instructor starts, they will receive a final email reminder prompting them to join immediately.

Class Completion Email - After the class, the attendee will receive an email with a class summary, an option to donate to the instructor (if the class was Flex Pay), and a prompt to reserve again. If a class photo was taken, it would be sent as well.

Cancelation Notice - If the instructor cancels the class or does not show up, the attendee will receive an email notifying them of the cancelation and describing any refund that has been issued to their account (if applicable).

Class Changes - If the class date, time, or other details change, all attendees who have reserved the class will receive an email describing the updates.

Payment Emails

Donation Received - When an attendee donates to the instructor, a confirmation is sent to alert them that the donation was received successfully.

Credit Added - If Moxie Credit is added to an attendee's account, they receive an email specifying the amount.

Refund Issued - If a refund is issued to an attendee's account, they receive an email with the details of the refund.

Subscription Emails

New Subscription Available - If an attendee has taken at least one class from an instructor, they will receive an email notification if that instructor adds a new subscription type.

Subscription Confirmation - When the attendee subscribes to an instructor's classes, they will receive an email notification with details of the subscription and how to reserve and cancel.

Subscription Cancelation - If the instructor cancels their subscription offering, the subscriber will receive an email notification with this information and any refund details (if applicable).

Subscription Price Change - If the instructor changes the price of a subscription, the subscriber receives a notification.

New Class - When an instructor creates a new class, all subscribers will receive an email notification (every 3 days, if a new class is added).

If you would like to request an additional type of automated email, please reach out to us at

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