Make your classes work hard for you, even after the workout is over. With Moxie, you can host your recorded classes and charge for access.

What videos are included?

All Moxie group class recordings are automatically uploaded to an instructor's video library. The recording only includes the instructor's video, not any of the attendees.

Instructors can choose to create as many videos as they wish on Moxie and add to their library. There does not need to be any attendees in a class for it to be included. To create a new video, add a new group class to your schedule, enter the warm-up room, and then press 'Start Class.' Your session will be recorded and added to your library.

Instructors can choose to hide any video from appearing in their library. Once hidden, only the instructor can view the video.

Who can access my videos?

  • Paid subscribers can access all of the instructor's videos for as long as they continue to subscribe.
  • Paid drop-in attendees can access that specific class—giving them the ability to watch a session they paid for but couldn't attend live.
  • Flex Pay classes can also be rewatched by clients who attended them.

How do I enable the Video on Demand features?

Video on Demand is only available for instructors on the Premium Plan. To upgrade your plan, please go to 'My Plan' settings in your instructor account.

Where can my clients find my videos?

Your videos are hosted under the 'Videos' tab on your instructor profile. Videos can also be found on the class details page of each class.

When will my class recordings appear in the Videos section?

Class recordings are typically available within a few minutes of class completion.

What happens to my videos if I downgrade from Premium to Pro?

Video on Demand is only available for instructors on the Premium Plan. If an instructor downgrades, the feature will be removed, and the instructor's clients will no longer be able to access their video library.

What if I change my mind and switch back to Premium? Will all my older videos still be there?
Yes. All of your past videos will be saved and ready to watch after your switch back to the Moxie Premium plan.

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