Flex Pay enables your clients to pay you a custom amount after your class is completed, or to send you a one-time payment at any time.

In order to enable Flex Pay classes, you need to complete the following 2 actions:
1. Set up your Payments;

2. Enable Flex Pay in the Payments tab.

Make sure to enter a suggested amount in the field (minimum is $5) - this suggested amount will be shown on your Flex Pay class' details page, and on your public profile.

Once the set up is completed, your clients can send you a one-time payment in 2 ways:
1. after every Flex Pay class you hold, "Flex Pay" button will appear in the cool down room;

2. via Flex Pay section on your public profile (see the screenshot above).

If you have any questions or feedback - feel free to reach out to us at support@moxie.xyz.

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