On Moxie, a Flex Pay class is a donation-based or "pay-what-you-can" class. These classes are free to reserve and free to attend. At the end of class, students are prompted to leave a 'flexible payment' for the instructor, if they so wish or are able to. Students will see a suggested amount set by the instructor, but are free to leave any amount they wish (min. $5), or simply skip by and take the class for free.

Once enabled, students can also leave their Moxie instructor a one time Flexible Payment any time using the Flex Pay button on any Moxie Instructor profile page.

In order to enable Flex Pay classes, you need to complete the following 2 actions:
1. Set up your Payments;

2. Enable Flex Pay in the Payments tab.

Make sure to enter a suggested amount in the field (minimum is $5) - this suggested amount will be shown on your Flex Pay class' details page, and on your public profile.

Once the set up is completed, your clients can send you a one-time payment in 3 ways:
1. After every Flex Pay class you hold, a "Flex Pay" button will appear in the cool down room (see below).

2. Via the Flex Pay section on your public profile.

3. Via the reminder in the Class Wrap Up email that is sent to all students post class.

If you have any questions or feedback - feel free to reach out to us at support@moxie.xyz.

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