When you're teaching online, it's the small details that make the difference. Like an in-person class, your students will appreciate the effort you put into creating a visually-appealing and welcoming home studio. Here are our top tips on designing your virtual gym:

Tidy Your Background

Before you enter the warm-up room, take a minute to look around your space and remove unnecessary or distracting items. A busy background can take the focus off what's important—you!

Pro tip: Make sure your class notes, timers, or other details are set up out of frame. We like to put them behind our camera.

Check the Lighting

Lighting can help set the mood. Think about the time of day that you'll be teaching. Will there be enough natural lighting or do you need to add other light sources?

You’ll also want to make sure you're lighting from behind the camera as opposed to behind you. This helps to avoid a backlit situation which can make you look like a dark silhouette.

Pro tip: Use what you have: lamps, candles, a window, or a simple lighting kit can help create the ambiance you want.

Frame Your Shot

Set up your camera on a stable, flat surface. Consider the angle and distance you’ll have from your camera. The best experience for students is when your camera doesn’t move at all, so if you're moving from side-to-side or jumping, make sure your entire body stays in the frame.

Pro tip: Use an external HD webcam for the clearest and most crisp image.

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