Moxie makes it easy for you to see and keep track of how many attendees are signed up for your classes.

Whenever a student books your class, you will receive an automated email. Plus, you can see how many people booked and who they are, directly on your Moxie instructor profile.

Option 1: Profile tab

From the Profile tab, you are able to see how many people are booked directly on your class schedule.
(See the number listed next to the person icon.)

Option 2: Class details page

You can also see who is booked for each class, from the class details page. (While under the Profile tab, click on any class to navigate to the class details page.)

Here you'll be able to see who specifically is booked.

What is the cut off time for attendees to book a class?
They are able to book a class up to 10 minutes after the class start time.

Once they are booked, they are able to enter the class at any point. There is no cut off time.

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