This guide will go over the basics in customizing your instructor profile page. For a more in-depth guide, visit our blog post here for inspiration and tips: Building Your Personal Brand: A Complete Guide for Online Fitness Instructors


  1. Bio Basics

  2. Cover Photo and Gallery

  3. Featured Videos

Bio Basics


  1. Click your name at the top right (3 horizontal lines on mobile).

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Click the Pencil icon for the bio section.

Sections of your bio

1. Profile Picture

Upload a high quality headshot or action shot with good lighting. Try to use a square image. Keep in mind that the top ¾ of the picture will be used as your class cover photo.

2. Moxie Profile URL

This is your unique web address that leads to your profile page. Customize it to fit your brand - e.g. your name, your business’ name.

3. Bio

Introduce yourself - e.g. who are you serving and how do you help them? What are goals for your students? What motivates you?

4. Experience

How long you’ve been teaching, gyms/studios you’ve worked for.

5. Certifications

Professional certifications you have.

6. Specialities

Let clients know what you excel at.

Cover Photo and Gallery

Visually connect with clients by adding a cover photo and gallery photos to your profile! Your photos should show clients what you’re all about. You can share up to 10 photos in your gallery.

Cover Photo

  1. Click the Cover Photo button at the top right of the page.

  2. Select the photo you’d like to use from your computer.

  3. Click and drag the cropping box to select the area you’d like to use as the cover photo.

  4. Click Save.

Recommended size/resolution: 2000 x 500 pixels. Images below this resolution may appear blurry. If you are not sure about the image size you have, you can check the specific size here.

Note: The cover image will look slightly different on mobile devices due to screen size difference between computers and phones.


After clicking the Gallery button on your profile:

  1. Click View Gallery to review the photos you’ve uploaded.

  2. Click Upload to add new photos to your gallery.

  3. To delete a photo, hover over the photo then click Delete.

Pro tip: Link your Instagram account to your Moxie profile so attendees can check out even more content from you.

Featured Videos

Select up to 3 videos to help attendees get a feel for you in action. Showcase videos that exhibit your best work! Attendees can watch a 3 minute preview of your videos starting at the 5 minute mark.

Before you get started:

  • You need to be on the Moxie Premium plan

  • You need videos recorded directly on Moxie (preview does not work with uploaded videos)

Add videos to your Featured collection

  1. Go to your Videos tab.

  2. Click Collection on your video.

  3. Click Add next to the Featured collection.

To learn more about using Collections, see our help article here: Video on Demand.

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