Verified coaches - bearing the blue badge - meet the highest criteria for class delivery on Moxie.

The verified badge is intended to help Moxie users identify coaches who provide an excellent overall class experience.

The Moxie team looks at the coaches’ classes based on the following criteria:

  • Digital Experience. Is the video & audio of the coach clear and crisp? Does the coach have a dedicated workout area, and is their studio space free of clutter?

  • Instruction. Can the coach explain exercises/moves simply and effectively? Do they provide in-class modifications? Is the coach giving cues to improve their client’s form?

  • Interaction. Is the coach acknowledging the class? Do they call out attendees by name & encourage them throughout the session?

  • Session Flow. Does the class program and flow make sense from start to finish? Do the exercises/moves build on each other?

  • Profile. Is the coach's Moxie profile complete? Do they have a cover photo representing their online studio? Does their bio have experience, certification, and specialties outlined?

Coaches have to excel in all of the categories in order to receive the verified badge.

How do I get verified?

First, you have to complete at least 8 classes on Moxie, and have at least a month’s worth of future classes scheduled. Then schedule a meeting with our Head of Fitness Talent Development here.

How does the verification work?

Our team will evaluate your previous class recordings and your future live classes. Following the evaluation our team will inform you of whether you have been verified and if not, and the reasons why. Our goal is to help all instructors meet the highest performance standards and if we are unable to verify you at this time, we will provide recommendations for improvement.

I was not verified. Can I re-apply?

Yes. If you have improved your performance after the evaluation, you can re-submit a verification request, however you must include the link to a class that is after the date of the evaluation.

Who exactly will check my classes?

A Moxie employed certified fitness specialist.

How long does it take to receive feedback?

It can take up to 2 weeks depending on the volume of applications.

What happens if I get verified?

We will let you know by email if you have been verified. Once verified you will receive a blue verified check mark on your profile and wherever your name appears on Moxie.

Is the verified badge permanent?

No. The Moxie team periodically reviews all coaches and will remove a badge if the coach falls below the minimum threshold requirements.

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