Getting started as a Team Member is a snap. Follow this step-by-step guide on everything from team communication to booking free classes with other coaches on your team.

  1. Your Team Lead will assign you to coach specific classes. You’ll get an email every time you’re scheduled to coach and a reminder before each class.

  2. Can’t make it to class? Please let your Team Lead know so they can re-assign the class to another coach.

  3. Classes you are assigned to coach will appear on the Team’s profile labeled “Instructor”.

  4. Recordings of classes you coach for a Team will appear in the VIDEOS tab for that Team

  5. Your Team Lead can pay you directly through Moxie or offline. Please connect with your Team Lead to coordinate.

  6. You and all of the Team’s instructors can drop into any of the Team’s classes for free. Simply book using the Reserve button.

  7. We’ve also automatically set up a special chat group just for you to communicate with the Team’s coaches via Moxie.

Got questions? Need help? Want a tutorial? Our Account Managers are always available to support you. Book a call.

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