How can I create a Team?

Step-by-step guide for creating your Team. 

Getting started on Moxie teams is a snap. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn what you can do.

  1. To invite instructors to coach for your Team click on the MANAGE TEAMS tab.

  2. As the Team Lead only you can schedule classes for the Team. Each time you schedule a class or series you will assign an instructor to coach the class.

  3. Your instructors will receive an email notification whenever they are assigned to coach.

  4. You can change instructors for a class by editing the class details. This will also trigger an email to the instructors.

  5. As Team Lead, you determine the prices for your Team’s drop-ins and subscriptions.

  6. You can easily pay your Team’s instructors through Moxie. Simply click the “PAY INSTRUCTOR” button from the payments tab and transfer any amount to their Moxie account. Your instructors do not see any payment-related information.

  7. Track and manage your Team’s performance from the REPORTS tab.

  8. You and all of the Team’s instructors can drop into any of the Team’s classes for free.

  9. We’ve also automatically set up a special chat group just for you to communicate with your coaches via Moxie.


  10. Got questions? Need help? Want a tutorial? Send us an email at