How can I listen to Moxie Music during a class?

Troubleshooting steps - using and hearing Moxie Music.

Whether or not your instructor chooses to use Moxie Music (U.S. only), you will always see a 🎵 icon in the bottom tray in the Moxie Studio. If your instructor chooses to use Moxie Music, clicking on the 🎵 icon enables you to see the title of the song playing and adjust your volume.

As an attendee you can listen to Moxie Music through any speaker you desire. You do not need to wear headphones.

Your microphone will be muted the first time Moxie Music begins playing. If you unmute your microphone, you will no longer be able to hear the music. To hear music again you will need to mute your microphone.

What music controls do I have as an attendee?

While all attendees hear whatever music the instructor selects - attendees do have control over the volume of their individual Moxie Music stream and they have the ability to mute the music entirely.