How do I remove (ban) an attendee from my class?

How to remove and ban an attendee from your class. 

You can use the Ban feature in the Attendees popup to remove a student from your class. This is useful for removing any disruptive students.

When you use the ban feature on an attendee, the following will occur:

  • The attendee will be automatically kicked out of your class

  • The attendee will be suspended from logging into their Moxie account

  • The Moxie team will receive an alert to review the case


  1. Click the Attendees icon.

  2. Hover over the attendee you want to ban, and click the three dots.

  3. Click Ban.

4. Click Yes to confirm.

5. The attendee will be removed from the class and will be moved into the “Dropped” section of your Attendee list.