How do I schedule classes?

How to create your class schedule on Moxie.


  1. What types of classes can I schedule?

  2. How do I schedule a Livestream class?

  3. How do I schedule recurring class?

  4. How do I schedule a hidden class on Moxie?

  5. How do I schedule an In-Person class?

  6. How do I add more dates/times for an existing class?

  7. How can I edit an existing class?

  8. Why do I need to select which memberships the class is included in?

  9. What is an On-Demand class?

  10. Can I schedule a test class?

What types of classes can I schedule?

There are four types of classes on Moxie:

  1. Livestream classes. These live, virtual classes appear on your public schedule, can be reserved by anyone, and can be either flex pay or paid.

  2. Hidden Livestream classes. Great for one-on-one personal training or private group sessions. Hidden classes do not appear on your public schedule - only people with the link can reserve. These classes can be either flex pay or paid.

  3. On-Demand classes. Jump right into your Moxie studio and record for On-Demand viewers. These classes are hidden from your public schedule and generate in your On-Demand library once class is complete.

  4. In-Person classes. Schedule your In-Person classes by entering the location details of your class while adding it to your schedule - clients can reserve through Moxie and see you in person!

How do I schedule a Livestream class on Moxie?

To schedule a Livestream class, click on the “Add a Class” button from your instructor profile and select "Livestream". You can either create a brand new class or add additional dates/times for one of your existing classes.

When creating your classes, you will be required to enter the following details:

  • Name of the class

  • Description of the class

  • Workout Type

  • Equipment requirements - if equipment is required, please note it down.

  • Skill Level - is the class for everybody, beginner, intermediate or advanced participants?

  • Intensity - is it low, medium or high intensity?

  • Cost type and cost per attendee (if paid)

  • Capacity (max of 15 interactive & 85 view only seats)
  • Duration (maximum of 120 minutes)

  • Date

  • Start Time (please note: you can only schedule classes up to 10 minutes before the start time.)

  • Choose to include class in your membership options and if so, which of your memberships. 

How do I schedule recurring or repeating classes?

To make a class repeat, select “Recurring” while creating the class. You will then specify which days the class repeats on and for how many weeks.

How do I schedule a hidden Livestream class on Moxie?

The process of creating a hidden Livestream class is exactly the same as scheduling a non hidden class. Just ensure at the bottom of the page, you select "Yes" when asked “Hide this class from your schedule?” before clicking “Create Class”.

Please note: once you create a hidden class, you cannot change it to public. Same applies to public classes - you cannot edit them to hidden.


How do I share a Hidden Class?

Click the Share button on the class details page.

How do I schedule an In-Person class?

Click “Add a Class” from your instructor profile, and select “In-Person”. Fill in your details. For In-Person classes you will be asked to fill out the location address - you can choose from the generated list of addresses once you type in a location, or input your own. You can also add additional details if that would be helpful for finding the location.

How do I add more dates/times for an existing class?

To add additional dates/times for an existing class, click on “Add a Class” and then select one of your existing classes from the drop down list. You can then add additional dates/times for that class.

How can I edit the details of an existing class?

There are 2 main ways to edit your class details - the class name, description, workout type, skill, intensity, and equipment requirements.

  1. You can edit any class directly from the class details page, by clicking on the cogwheel icon and then "Edit Class".

  2. You can also edit the class details by clicking on “Add a Class” from your profile, selecting the class from the dropdown list, and then "Edit Class Details".

Once you make the changes to the class details, click save and you can close the window. You do not need to add that class to your schedule to save the updates.

Please note: Edits made to the class details will be applied to all classes in that series.

For more on editing your classes, see here.

Why do I need to select which memberships the class is included in?

If you are creating special, standalone workouts or programs that you would like you members to pay for on top of their subscription or package you can choose to not include the class in any memberships. 

If you do choose to include those classes in all or some of your memberships, those members will have access to those classes at no additional cost. 

What is an On-Demand class?

Want to record additional classes for your On-Demand students on your own time? Jump into the studio and record with an On-Demand class. These classes do not appear on your public schedule.

Please note:

  • If you have already created a Livestream class and want to add an additional recording without scheduling the class - simply select the class from the list, and click Record Now. You will be taken into the warm up room where you can start recording when you’re ready.

  • Classes initially created as On-Demand cannot be added to your schedule as a Livestream class. However, you can record On-Demand classes of previously created Livestream classes.

  • If you close the studio tab while recording, your recording will be saved up to that point, and added to your On-Demand library. You cannot continue recording for the same class.

For more on On-Demand classes, see here.

Can I schedule a test class and try it out?

You can! Click on the “Add a Class” button, and select Test Class.

Test classes do not appear on your public schedule. You can invite your friends to test with you by sharing the class URL.

When scheduling classes, how do I include/not include Moxie Pass clients?
When you create a class, if you do not want to allow your class to be eligible for Moxie Pass users, simply ‘opt-out’ prior to saving your class. Otherwise, your class will be featured in the marketplace for users to find and attend HERE

If you have any questions, please reach out using the chat or at