How do instructor & class ratings work?

Information on how instructor and class ratings are determined.

What is an instructor rating?
On Moxie, attendees can leave a rating for any class they attend, or any On-Demand class they watch. This rating is used to build a reputation system on the Moxie platform.


How are instructor ratings calculated?

The instructor rating is calculated by aggregating all of the scores from all of the instructor’s classes. Only the aggregated instructor rating is shown across Moxie.

Where are ratings displayed?

Aggregated instructor ratings are displayed on the Moxie home page / Find Classes page and on each Class Details page. Class ratings are sent to the instructor after the class is completed in the class wrap-up email.

How are class ratings captured?

  • When a class is completed, each attendee is asked to rate the quality of the audio & video technology, and the class itself in the cool down room.

  • When an attendee watches an On-Demand class, they are prompted to rate your class.

Attendees can only rate a class once.

[Important note: Only the class rating is visible on Moxie. The audio/video rating is visible only to the Moxie team.]