How does Moxie Music work?

How to use Moxie Music to play music during class. 

Moxie Music (U.S. Only) is a licensed streaming music solution integrated into Moxie.

The instructor selects from one of six stations that we curate and pre-program. The music is refreshed every few weeks to rotate in new tracks.

Each station contains 3 hours of music. The music in each station is randomly played each time the instructor starts a class.

The music is streamed directly to each attendee of the class, separately from the instructor’s microphone. This ensures a flawless experience, with crisp clear music for everyone, and without the instructor having to shout above the music to be heard.

Moxie Music is provided in partnership with Feed.FM. Moxie pays royalties through Feed.FM to artists and rights holders every time a song is heard.

What if I don’t like a particular song?

If you don’t like a song, simply click the skip button in the music player. You can also change stations whenever you want.

Can I program Moxie Music to play in a specific order?

Unfortunately, due to music licensing requirements, this is not possible at this time. If you would like to share your own music/playlist, check out Share Audio on Moxie.

Will the music be in my class recordings?
Songs played in live classes using Moxie Music do not carry over to the recordings. We are working on offering to add music to the class recordings soon!

What if I am not in the United States?
Unfortunately, current licensing only allows music to be played in the United States.

What happens if some of my attendees are outside the United States?
They can still attend your class, however, they will not hear the Moxie Music.