Is there a breakdown of all Moxie fees?

Details on all of the fees you can expect when using Moxie.

We designed Moxie to be an empowering community where everyone can find wellness, where people come together and grow, and where instructors thrive and earn a good living. That’s why we try to keep fees as low as possible.

As an instructor there are four types of fees associated with using Moxie.

The first is the Standard Moxie Platform Fee of 12%. The platform fee applies to all purchases of your paid classes, all Flex Pay one-time payments, and all subscription/package purchases you receive through the platform. This fee goes to Moxie, and helps us continue to operate and improve the Moxie platform for your benefit. There are no hidden Moxie fees, and no minimum monthly charges -- we only make money if you are making money.

The second is the standard Stripe Payment Processing Fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. The Payment Processing fee goes directly to Stripe to cover payment processing, fraud, and security, and is out of our control.
Please note that Stripe may also charge additional 1 - 2% payment processing fees for non U.S. customers who take your classes.

Every time you receive a payment on Moxie, the Platform Fees and Payment Processing Fees are automatically deducted.

The third are the fees associated with Moxie Pass. For more on those fees, see here.

Payout Fees

We charge $0.25 for each Payout requested. Learn more about Payouts.

Authorization Hold
If you notice a $1 on your account during your Moxie Pass free trial, this is an authorization hold, which is a pretty usual procedure to check the validity of the credit card used on the platform. It is not a transaction, and will be automatically removed in 7 days