What can I expect from a Livestream class?

Information on the virtual experience of Moxie Livestream and On-Demand classes. 


  1. Warm up room

  2. Studio

  3. Cool down room

  4. On-Demand classes

Warm up room

Moxie Livestream classes typically begin with attendees and instructors gathering in the warm up room. The warm up room opens 15 minutes before the scheduled class start time. If you choose to be viewed by your instructor, your microphone and camera will be on by default in the warm up room. We recommend getting to class a few minutes early so you can get yourself familiar with the functions of the Moxie studio and prepare for the class to start. Spending time before class in the warm up room is also a great chance to interact and connect with other attendees and your instructor.


Once class has begun, the default settings inside the studio are:

  • Attendees' microphones are muted. The instructor can choose to either enable or disable attendees’ microphones. If enabled, attendees will be able to unmute themselves to speak. If disabled, attendees will be muted for the entirety of the class.

  • The text chat is minimized. You can still use the chat during class, simply expand the chat by clicking on the bubble icon in the top right corner of the Moxie studio. All participants can see all messages.

  • Attendees can choose who can see their video - only the attendee themselves, only the instructor, or everyone (if the instructor has the ‘attendees can see each other’ option enabled.)

Note: Attendees’ video feed is never recorded or included in class recordings. Also, if you mute your microphone during a class, nothing you say will be recorded.

Cool down room

Once the instructor ends the class, you will move into the cool down room, where you again can interact with the instructor and other attendees.

Here you can rate the class so that we, and your instructor, can learn and improve. Your feedback is essential!

If the class is a Flex Pay class, you will be prompted to send a one-time payment to the instructor while in the cool down room.

Missed leaving a payment or want to give extra gratitude to your instructor? You can visit their profile page and click the Flex Pay button to send a one-time payment at any time.

Please note: Flex Pay one-time payments are non-refundable.

What is a Flex Pay class? Find out more here.

On-Demand Classes

Instructors can record their classes for attendees to take on their own time. The warm up and cool down rooms are never recorded. The recording only begins once the instructor clicks the 'Start Class' button. Only the instructor's video and the class audio is recorded. Attendee video is not recorded.

To view your instructor’s On-Demand classes, just navigate to their profile and click the On-Demand tab to start watching.

To unlock an On-Demand class:

  • Attend a Flex Pay class. You can rewatch the recording if you were present for the live class.

  • Purchase a paid class. Once you’ve paid and reserved the class, you can rewatch the recording whether you attended live or not.

  • Buy a monthly membership with On-Demand. You will be able to watch all of the instructor's On-Demand classes as many times as you like during the chosen memberships period.

  • Buy a class package. You can use a pass to unlock a single On-Demand class.

Please note: it is not guaranteed all live classes will be recorded - it is up to the instructor to decide if they want to record their classes or not. If you intend on reserving a live class solely for the purpose of rewatching the playback, we recommend connecting with your instructor before reserving.