What happens if I get disconnected during a class I'm teaching?

What to do if your device or internet disconnects during your live class. 

If your device disconnects during class, please try to re-enter the studio by refreshing the tab. If you are unable to access the same tab, please go back and click on the Enter Studio button from the class details page.

The class will continue on while you are disconnected, however you can always extend class longer than the scheduled time, the class only ends once you click End Class.

If you are unable to reconnect to class, please contact us using the live chat feature OR by email at support@moxie.xyz and we’ll troubleshoot the issue with you.

If you lose your internet connection, there is nothing we can do unfortunately.

The Moxie team will make all efforts to ensure high quality classes, and we are happy to issue Moxie credits when there are issues with technology.

How do I report technology or other problems to the Moxie team?

Please reach out to us at support@moxie.xyz