What is a Challenge?

Purchasing and partaking in Challenges on Moxie.

As a student on Moxie, you can enroll and partake in Challenges being held by your instructor. 

Challenges are custom and specific programs on Moxie curate by your instructors to help students stay motivated, committed to their goals, and connected with their workout buddies. Challenges require students to complete a set number of workouts in a set number of days and depending on how your instructor runs their Challenges, they can be done individually, on your own time, or as a group, with friends in a specific window of time! 

To purchase a Challenge, navigate to your instructor’s Membership tab on their Moxie profile. If they are running any Challenges, you will them listed along with their existing subscription and package offerings. 



If you are an existing subscriber or package holder to your instructor, you will have access to their Challenges at no extra cost if all the classes in that challenge are included in your existing membership. If the Challenge consists of any unique classes not included in your membership, you will have to pay for the challenge. 


Tried a new instructor as a drop-in and enjoyed class? You will also be able to see and purchase any Challenges being offered by the instructor directly from the individual class page. 

And as a bonus, when you purchase a Challenge, you will be auto-booked into all of the corresponding Livestream and In-person classes. You won’t have to worry about finding all the classes and booking them individually, with Challenges we take care of that for you. 


Have questions related to Challenges on Moxie? Feel free to drop us a line at support@moxie.xyz