What is a verified instructor?

 Information on how verification works and how to become a verified instructor. 


  1. Overview

  2. FAQs


The Moxie verified blue badge is intended to help Moxie users identify instructors who provide an excellent overall class experience. Verified instructors meet the highest criteria for class delivery on Moxie.

When verifying instructors, the Moxie team looks at the instructors’ classes based on the following criteria:

  • Digital Experience. Is the video & audio of the instructor clear and crisp? Does the instructor have a dedicated workout area, and is their studio space free of clutter?

  • Instruction. Can the instructor cue exercises/moves simply and effectively? Is the instructor providing real time modifications? Are they actively giving corrections?


  • Interaction. Is the instructor acknowledging the class? Do they call out attendees by name & encourage them throughout the session?


  • Session Flow. Does the class programing and overall flow make sense from start to finish? Do the exercises/moves build on each other?


  • Profile. Is the instructor’s Moxie profile complete? Do they have a cover photo representing their online studio? Does their bio list their experience, certifications, and specialties?

Instructors must excel in all of the categories in order to receive the verified badge.


How do I get verified?

Our team regularly observes all of the classes happening on Moxie, and makes the decision to verify selected instructors. Make sure to regularly host classes, have your full class schedule listed on your profile page.

What happens if I get verified?

We will let you know by email if you have been verified. Once verified you will receive a blue verified check mark on your profile and wherever your name appears on Moxie.

Is the verified badge permanent?

No. The Moxie team periodically reviews all coaches and will remove a badge if the coach appears to have fallen below the minimum threshold requirements.

What does the verified badge look like?

See below.