What is Moxie Pass?

Information on the Moxie Pass membership.

Moxie Pass enables you to attend any class on Moxie, with any coach, at any time. Your membership starts with a 14-day free trial and then billing recurs monthly. Your Moxie Pass membership comes with tickets that can be used to attend livestream and in-person classes or to unlock on-demand workouts with any instructor on Moxie. Tickets roll over and never expire during your membership and you can cancel anytime with no further payment obligation.

Moxie Pass is a recurring plan that is based around a ticket system. When you pick your plan, you’ll receive a set number of tickets per month. We currently offer three plans:

Starter Plan -- 20 tickets for $44.99 (20% savings vs list price)

Active Plan -- 40 tickets for $79.99 (30% savings vs list price)

Pro-fit Plan -- 80 tickets for $149.99 (40% savings vs list price)


When you select a class on Moxie, next to the drop-in price you will see the number of tickets required to reserve the class with Moxie Pass. Typical classes cost between 3-4 tickets for livestreaming, 2 for on-demand, and 5-7 for in-person.

All tickets roll over if they are unused, as long as you have an active subscription. Therefore, you never lose any tickets that you’ve purchased unless you cancel your subscription. If you do cancel, you have until the end of your subscription period to use the remaining tickets you have left.

Additionally, the all-new Moxie App helps you make your fitness connection. Browse hundreds of daily livestream and in-person classes. Search from 60,000 on-demand workouts and pay for it all with Moxie Pass!

All Moxie Members are also eligible for a two-week trial of Moxie Pass!

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How do I find out how many tickets I have left?

You can view your Moxie Pass details by clicking on the drop down menu from your profile picture, and click on 'Moxie Pass'