What is Moxie Pass?

Moxie Pass membership enables attendees to take any class on Moxie, with any coach, at any time. The Moxie Pass membership starts with a 14-day free trial and then billing recurs monthly. Each Moxie Pass membership comes with tickets that can be used to attend livestream and in-person classes, or unlock on-demand workouts, with any instructor on Moxie. Tickets roll over and never expire during the membership. Attendees can cancel anytime with no further payment obligation.

Moxie Pass provides you with more exposure to potential new clients, and you get paid for every Moxie Pass attendee, even if they are on a free trial.

Additionally, the all-new Moxie App enables consumers to search, browse, and attend any class, with any coach, at any time. Moxie will be investing heavily in consumer marketing to drive new members into your classes to help you grow your client base.

Attendees pay between $1.875 and $2.25 per ticket depending on the volume they purchase. You can see how Moxie Members are presented with the various Moxie Pass plans here.

Instructors earn a flat $1.25 for each ticket redeemed for their classes.

The number of Moxie Pass tickets it takes to reserve a class is automatically determined by our system based on the drop-in price of the class.

For example...

  • A $10 class costs 4 tickets

  • You, the instructor, earn $5 ($1.25 x 4 tickets)