Can I track my workouts on Moxie?

How to track your workouts on Moxie and more!


  1. General
  2. Tracking workout history
  3. Tracking workout progress
  4. Streaks & Badges
  5. Sharing to social media
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On Moxie, members can view their workout history and easily track and share their fitness goals and achievements. 

Either from within the app, or directly from, simply head to your Moxie attendee profile and see Workout History

To see all your past workouts click VIEW ALL. You will be taken to your Workout History page. 

At the top of your Workout History, there are two tabs - “History” and “Progress”.

To see your workout history on Moxie, select History. To see your workout activity, streaks and badges, and progress towards your unique goals, select Progress

History tab

In the History tab, students are able to see a record of all the past classes they’ve taken on Moxie. Each class will have it’s own class card, and each class card includes the class name, the instructor’s name, the date and the class type (Livestream, On-Demand or In-Person.) 

From each class card students can rate any past class or view any previously left rating, view the class recording, their workout selfie and/or class photo, see any new badges or streaks earned from that class, book the class again and share their workout stats to social media.

To book the class again or re-watch the class recording (for On-Demand classes), click Go Again

To share your workout selfie, class photo, or any progress badges or streaks click Share.


To rate the class input the intended amount of stars directly under the title of the class card. 

To navigate to your instructor’s profile, click on the arrow in the top right corner. 

Progress tab

From the Progress tab, students can track their weekly and monthly activity and set personal goals for total minutes spent working out.

Under This Week and This Month, students will see their own, unique, progress bar. The progress bar tracks your progress toward your set weekly and monthly goal. 


By default, each student will have a set goal of 80 minutes weekly and 500 minutes monthly. Students can adjust their goals at any time by clicking Edit

In addition, students are able to track their all time activity on Moxie and compare how they perform week or week and month over month, as well as how their total active days compare to other users on Moxie. 

The stats tracked for you include 

  • Total active days, minutes and workouts.
  • Total Livestream, On-Demand and In-Person workouts

Streaks & Badges

Tracking your workouts and overall activity earns you streaks & badges to help keep you stay motivated and to be shared to social media to celebrate your achievements. 

Daily and weekly workout streaks can be tracked from your Workout History page. 

For your workout streaks and achievements, Moxie provides the following badges: 

  • 1st class completed

  • Daily workout streaks (2 to 8 days) 


  • Weekly workout streaks (2 to 8 weeks) 



  • Moxie Master (9-day+ workout streak)
  • On-a-Roll (9-week+ workout streak) 

Stickers and badges are available to members to add to their workout cards prior to sharing them to social media.

Please note, stickers and badges are only available from within the Moxie app. 

Sharing to social media  

From the Workout History page, students can share customized workout cards to social media after each and every class they take on Moxie. These shareable workout cards include your streaks, badges, workout selfies, and class photos. 

To generate your workout card, click Share

Students will have their choice from a few different types of class cards to share: 

  1. Workout summary card with the instructor's photo. 
  2. Class photo card with your workout stats. 
  3. Selfie card with workout stats.


Please note: workout selfies and class photos are not required for a member to share their workout card on social media. Workout cards can be shared to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other platforms supported by your device.

In addition, users are able to share workout cards from but stickers and badges are only available from within the app.  


As an instructor can I see my workout history?

Yes, you can! To see your workout history click on your name in the upper right corner and then select Workout History. You can also navigate there directly using: 

I’m an existing member on Moxie, will all my past workout data be included?

Yes. Moxie has back populated all your information so your Workout History page will include all the data from when you first joined Moxie to present day. 


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